Paragliding in Dharamshala Himachal Pradesh

paragliding in dharamshala
Package: Paragliding In Dharamshala, Bir Billing
Season: From October to June
Duration: 15 Minutes – 25 Minutes
Take-off Site: Billing Top (2400 Meters from Sea Level, 14 KM from Bir)
Landing Site: Landing Zone (Sunset Point Near Tibetan Colony) Village Keori
Route: Billing – Bari – Landing site Village Keori
Transportation: Included

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Paragliding is among the top adventure activities when someone comes to Dharamshala. This place ranks among the best tourism place in Himachal Pradesh. Location for Dharamshala paragliding activity is in Bir Billing. It is surrounded by Dhauladhar mountain ranges.

The area is quite popular destination for paragliding. Every year, many tourist come here from all over the world to visit this place for paragliding. The paragliding take-off site is in the grassland at Billing top which is 14 km away from Village. From the sea level the height of this place is 2400 meters and known as second best place due to its geographical and climatic condition.

Paragliding in Dharamshala, Bir Billing
Paragliding in Dharamshala, Bir Billing

Paragliding Location, Season and Price Details

The best location for paragliding in Dharamshala is Bir Billing. This place is approximately 65 KM away from Dharamshala city and takes up to 2 to 2 and half hrs. to reach there. The take-off site is located on the top, which is a mountain with grassy land and has the road connectivity. The geographical location of area makes it suitable and best paragliding destination. Also the landing site is vast open ground surrounded by the fields having good road connectivity and lots of restaurants to eat and rest.

Here paragliding season starts after rainy season that is second half of September month till the end of June.

Cost of paragliding in Dharamshala may vary and usually starts from Rs. 2000. The price can be more or less depending upon each paragliding service provider and season time.

A Little Introduction about Dharamshala

Located 17 kilometers north-east of Kangra, Dharamshala is a major tourist destination of Himachal Pradesh. This place is considered as the entry road of the Kangra valley. In its backdrop, the snow-covered Dhauladhar mountain range enhances the natural beauty of this place. Dharamshala is situated between the jungles of oak and coniferous trees, surrounded by Dhauladhar ranges from three sides and offers a panoramic view of the Kangra valley.

Places to visit in Dharamshala

Artistic and cultural icons of this place are found in the Kangra Art Museum located in Dharamshala. Valuable artifacts of 5th century and sculptures, paintings, coins, utensils, ornaments, sculptures, manuscripts and royal garments can be seen here. Dharamshala is also recognized internationally and it also receives the title of ‘India’s small Lhasa’. His Holiness the Dalai Lama made this beautiful place his temporary residence during the year of exile in the year 1960.

Due to the huge Tibetan settlements, this place is now known as ‘Land of Lama’. In this area, Macleodganj has become a major religious center, where education and religion of Tibetan Buddhism are promoted. Dharamshala has many monasteries and learning centers along with Hindu and Jain temples. Travelers from this place can buy beautiful Tibetan handicrafts, clothes, thongas (silk painting) and handicrafts etc. local melodious items from the market of Macleodganj. There are many churches, temples, museums and monasteries in this area.

Many ancient temples like Volcano Temple, Brajeshwari Temple and Chamunda Temple attract a large number of tourists. Other major tourist destinations of Dharamshala include the Kangra Art Museum (art museum), St. John’s Church and War Memorial (War Memorial).

Apart from this, Kotwali Bazaar is a popular shopping center (shopping center) that attracts many tourists. In addition, tea plantation, chaad jungle and pine trees increase the attraction of this place.

Best Time to Visit Dharamshala

The summer season in Dharamshala is between March and June. During this time the temperature is between 22 ° C and 38 ° C. Due to this pleasant weather, this season is suitable for those adventurers who like trekking. Usually, tourists do not like to visit Dharamshala during monsoon season because there is very heavy rainfall.

How to Reach Dharamshala

This city is located 239 KM from Chandigarh, 252 KM from Manali, 322 KM from Shimla and 514 KM from New Delhi. There are many direct buses available both AC and Non AC from Chandigarh or Delhi if you would like to come by road.

Located in Kangra Valley, the Gaggle Airport is the nearest airport to Dharamshala, which is located 15 KM away. This airport is connected by domestic flights from the New Delhi Airport.

International travelers can take flight from Delhi to Gaggle. The nearest railway station of Dharamshala is Kangra Temple which is situated at a distance of 22 KM. Although not all trains stop here because it is a small station. The nearest major railway station of Dharamshala is Pathankot, which is situated at a distance of 85 KM.

Pathankot railway station is connected to all major stations of India. Those travelers who wish to travel by road can use private or state transport buses from cities near Dharamshala.