Bir Billing Paragliding (Himachal Pradesh)

paragliding in bir billing
Package: Paragliding In Bir Billing
Season: From October to June
Duration: 15 Minutes – 25 Minutes
Take-off Site: Billing Top (2400 Meters from Sea Level, 14 KM from Bir)
Landing Site: Landing Zone (Sunset Point Near Tibetan Colony) Village Keori
Route: Billing – Bari – Landing site Village Keori
Transportation: Included

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HP Adventures Club welcomes all of the visitors to Bir Billing paragliding. We wish you a very happy holidays and hope that this visit to Bir Billing will make way for many more visit in future. We are an adventure sports company registered with HP Tourism Dharamshala. With a vision to develop tourism and related activities in Bir Billing paragliding, we offer best possible paragliding tariffs and courses to all.

About Bir Billing

Bir Billing is famously known as paragliding destination worldwide. It is Asia’s number one destination for paragliding and world’s second best.

Bir and Billing are two separate places but commonly called as one by outsiders. Bir is a village located to the west of Joginder nagar valley. It is under the Tehsil of Baijnath is district Kangara of Himachal Pradesh. Bir valley is surrounded by Dhauladhar mountain ranges and is famous for tea gardens, Tibetan temples & monasteries, old Hindu temples and various local culture & traditions.

On the other hand, Billing is a small meadow on the top of mountain of Dhauladhar range that surrounded the Bir valley. This place is linked to Bir village by jeep road and is 14 km from Bir. The height of Billing from sea level is 24000 meters and it is a perfect place for paragliding.


Bir Billing Valley
Bir Billing Valley

A little Introduction to Tandem Paragliding

Paragliding is a way to fly in air with the help of paraglider. It is an act of free flying, taking the advantage of wind flow just like a bird.

In paragliding, one has to jump from the slop of a high hill or mountain which normally be high from ground level against the wind. The paraglider does not have any engine with propeller and uses the wind currents which helps it to glide through air.

In Tandem paragliding, two persons can fly in a single paraglider, one of them must be well trained to fly the paraglider. The sitting position of both persons is in tandem, i.e. one behind other just like riding the cycle with two. The one who controls the glider sits behind the other and the second one simply enjoys the beauty of paragliding.


Tandem Paragliding from Bir Billing
Tandem Paragliding from Bir Billing

Types of Flying HP Adventures Offers

Short Flying from Bir Billing

Visitor who have short time and want to paragliding in Bir Billing, can do short flying from the valley. Its detail with time period is given below:

  • Location: Bir-Billing.
  • Duration of Flight: 10 to 25 minutes.
  • Flight Route: Billing To Landing Straight Way
  • Transportation: Included
  • Charges: Per Person/PerRide.

Medium Flying from Bir Billing

Medium fly take you to another level of thrill and excitement. Our licensed and well trained pilots will glide you during flying. Detail is as follow:

  • Location: Same (Bir-Billing)
  • Duration of Flight: 25 to 45 minutes.
  • Flight Route: Billing-Bari-Landing
  • Transportation: Included
  • Charges: per person/per flight

Long Flying from Bir Billing

Long flying is the Ultimate paragliding activity in Bir Billing . Long flights are recommended for people looking for ultimate in flight and adventure. It depends upon weather condition. Detail is as follow:

  • Location: Billing
  • Duration of Flight: 45to One Hour.
  • Flight Route: Billing-Red Roof-Landing
  • Transportation: Included
  • Charges: per person/per ride

Paragliding Seasons in Bir Billing & Paragliding Price Details

In Bir Billing, one can enjoy paragliding throughout the year except the rainy season which starts from the month July till the end of September. We can generally divide paragliding seasons in two sections. The first one is Winter Season starts from the month of October till December Ends. During this time many foreigner will come here to enjoy paragliding due to its calm & paragliding friendly atmosphere.

The Second one is Summer Season which starts from the month of April and Ends in late June. During this season local tourist from the various parts of country come here and enjoy the paragliding.

We can also enjoy paragliding throughout the year but rainy season due to heavy rains and bad weather conditions.

The cost or price of paragliding in Bir Billing various from operator to operator. Here in HP Adventures Club we charge INR 2000.00 per person per flight for duration of 15-25 minutes short flying. The price includes transportation charges to Billing which is 18 KM away from our office.

For medium flying and Long Flying the price will be more due to longer duration of paragliding.

Requirements during Paragliding from Bir Billing

  • You need to sign Risk Certificate.
  • You must be physically and mentally fit. This is an adventure sport. Do not fly if you are sick or having any injury.
  • Wear proper warm clothes and shoes during flying. Sandals or Slippers not recommended.
  • Do not bring anything which is expensive while flying such as mobile phones, cameras, electronic gadgets, jewelry, purse / wallet or important documents. Once you lost it, you won’t recover it.