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Welcome to Bir best Place for Paragliding in Himachal

Paragliding in Himachal has become a professional sport and there are many popular locations all round the Himachal Pradesh. In Bir Billing Paragliding have been adopted as one the best profession and currently the no of professional tandem pilot are growing day by day.

Bir Billing have become famous for paragliding and have hosted paragliding World Cup already. Bir Himachal is located in very scenic location in Kangra Distt and surrounded by the Dholadhar Hills. It is also very popular for Tibetan monasteries.

Bir Himachal is the best location for all kind of paragliding activities including Camping , Trekking and other adventure related activities.

paragliding in himachal

Bir Billing Paragliding Packages

Includes : Camping/Hotels, Trekking , Paragliding

Min: 1500Inr to 3500 Inr

Paragliding from Bir Billing Valley to Bir Colony Landing zone, offering three types of flying: Short Fly, Medium Fly and Long Fly.

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An amazing paragliding experience in Dharamshala region with affordable price, fully experienced pilots and highest safety standards


We provides camping along with trekking, paragliding in Bir Billing Valley and fishing in Barot.You can enjoying these activities.

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Billing Paragliding Cost

Paragliding Cost in Billing is not fixed  and may vary depending upon the season. But if you are Book your adventure in Group then you can get the best discount offer from us.

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Other Activities to Do in Bir Billing

 Bir Billing is not just Good for paragliding and Camping adventure. There are lot’s of places for sight scene and many Buddhist Monasteries are all around.