Bir Billing Paragliding (Himachal Pradesh)

HP Adventures Club welcomes all of the visitors to bir billing paragliding. We wish you a very happy holidays and hope that this visit to bir billing paragliding will make way for many more visit to bir billing paragliding in future. We are an adventure sports company registered with HP Tourism Dharamshala. With a vision to develop tourism and related activities in bir billing paragliding, we offer best possible paragliding tariffs and courses to all. We offer following types of flying:

  • Short Fly.
  • Medium Fly.
  • Long Fly.

Note:- All flying carried out in Billing and includes transportation.


 Short Flying From Bir-Billing

Short Flying From Bir-Billing
Visitor who have short time and want to make bir billing paragliding, can do short flying from the valley. Its detail with time period is given below:

  • Location : Bir-Billing.
  • Duration of Flight: 10 to 20 minutes.
  • Flight Route : Billing To Landing Straight Way
  • Transportation : Included
  • Charges: Per Person/PerRide.

Note:- It is very simple ride and having little thrill.


Medium Flying From Bir-Billing

Medium Flying From Bir-Billing
Medium fly take you to another level of thrill and excitement. Our licensed and well trained pilots will glide you during flying. Detail is as follow:

  • Location : Same(Bir-Billing)    
  • Duration of Flight : 20to 30 minutes.
  • Flight Route : Billing-Bari-Landing
  • Transportation Included
  • Charges :  per person/per flight


Long Flying From Bir-Billing


Long flying is the Ultimate bir billing paragliding. Long flights are recommended for people looking for ultimate in flight and adventure. It depends upon weather condition. Detail is as follow:

  • Location : Billing
  • Duration of Flight : 45to One Hour.
  • Flight Route : Billing-Red Roof-Landing
  • Transportation : Included
  • Charges :  per person/per ride



  1. Paragliding JoyRide is recommended for those who don’t suffer from height fobia.People who suffer from such disease should not try this.
  2. There are some risks in every adventure. So passenger will fly at his own risk.